A Document Management Solution
Product Guide

DIKO is a web-based, UNICODE supported Document Management Solution. It keeps version control and tracks the user activities on the stored documents. All stored documents are encrypted so only authorized users can view or edit them. It supports keyword and content search so user can find their wanted documents instantly.

Web-based: All you need is a web browser like Edge or Chrome to perform actions in DIKO.

UNICODE-Supported: DIKO supports UNICODE so you can have documents in different languages.

Audit Trail: All user activities are logged and could not be deleted. These activities are for audit review.

Permission: DIKO offer 11 permission to restrict document access. No users can access the document without a proper permission assigned.

Version Control: All documents are version controlled so users do not need to worry about versioning of the documents.

Category & Attributes: Documents can have a category of attributes assigned. The attributes store the information of the document and they are searchable.

Auto-Filing: DIKO can file the documents to the corresponding folder based on the attribute values.

Notification: Users will receive email notification if there are any changes made to the folder or document in DIKO.

Search: User can find the document using the attribute value (keyword) or content. The search supports UNICODE so you can search in different languages.

Check-in/Out: Document can be check-out (locked) for modification and check-in (unlocked) for viewing.

Security: Documents stored in DIKO are encrypted with AES-256 bit so no one can view the documents outside of DIKO. SSL is also supported  between the DIKO and Client Browser.

Digital Capture v2

Digital Capture 2

Product Guide

Digital Capture is a Document Automation Robot. It can split and rename the documents from a pile of documents. 

Barcode/QRCode/OCR Splitting: It can split the multi-page document into multiple documents based on the barcode/qrcode/text within the document.

Barcode/QRCode/OCR Renaming: It can rename the split documents based on he barcode/qrcode/text values captured during splitting.

Barcode/QRCode/OCR Filing: It can file the split document based on the barcode/qrcode/text values captured during splitting.

Watermarking: It can add a text watermark on the document.

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QRCode Printer

Product Guide

QRCode Printer prints a QRCode on the document so users can track the document owner.

Central Admin Portal: Allow the admin to define the global settings of the QRCode Printer.

User Portal: Allow the user to review their print logs.

Customized QRCode: Define the size, position and values of the QRCode.

Customized Watermark: Define the watermark contents to be printed on the document.

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Product Guide

File security and archiving can be quite resource intensive.

For security, we have taken many measures in it to protect the files and file them effectively and properly, you will manage all your files in a safer and easier manner.

In order to solve these problems in daily office operation, we organize efficient management system DIKO Automatic Filing Solution (DAFS).

DAFS is composed of 3 document processing systems: DIKO QRCode Printer, DIKO Digital Capture and DIKO.

They are integrated with each other to enhance file security, file archiving and file sharing.

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Product Guide

PAMS Can control and manage the information security of files.

Digitally store scanned MFP documents and encrypt them for protection

And back up the files and manage them

Distributed architecture can manage a large number of files

You can directly preview the files you need to review on the browser

The content of the file will be converted into text data for operational processing

When the set keyword (confidential) appears in the file content, a notification will be sent to grasp the data flow and security

Integrate GSNX, PaperCut, HP A3, HP A4 to form data series

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Product Guide

Find-Me Printing: Allow users to print at any controlled printer or MFD.

Secure Printing: Allow users to print after logging on to the device.

Reporting: More than 200 reports or customized reports can be produced for review.

Print Deploy: Driver-less and Server-less printing for worry-free deployment of print queues.

B&W Printing: Force all color printing to be printed in Black & White to save the cost.

Resilience & Scalability: Resilience & scalable architecture to ensure the service availability and no need to worry about the size of the printing community.

Multi-brand Support: PaperCut supports different brands like Ricoh, HP, Kyocera, Toshiba, Fujifilm, Canon, etc.