We offer offiste or onsite document scanning service to speed up your office digitization and free up your storage space.

Onsite Service: Documents are kept in your premises. We will send a service team with scanning equipment to your designated area to conduct the scanning service.

  • Pros: Document and all information Kept in Premises

  • Pros: Customer can monitor the scanning process

  • Cons: Customer needs to provide a room during the service

Offsite Service: Documents are delivered to our CCTV-monitored service center. All you need is to pack the documents in the box and we will collect them for scanning.

  • Pros: Customer does not need to free up a room for the service

  • Cons: Documents and information left the customer premises

If you want to get the valuable information from the documents, we can help you to key them in your system. Our service team can do the data entry for you so you can get the information you required. 

Do you want your scanned documents be editable or searchable? We have powerful OCR engines that can recognize your documents in different languages and produce editable formats like Word, Excel, etc. We can also convert your documents into searchable PDF files so you can use Windows to search the documents. If you have a Document Management System, you can put these searchable PDF files in it and conduct content search.

We work with lawyers and litigation support companies to scan the paper documents for review. We can also produce load files that work for Concordance or Relativity.

Are you short of operation man-power but you don't have the headcount? We can provide operators that work at your premises to help you out. The contract period can be as short as 3 months. Let us know your requirements and we will find the right candidate for you.